Chemicals and the Economy

3 key questions for the oil market poker game, ahead of OPEC’s meeting
18th November 2016 by

Volatility continues to dominate oil markets, as the above chart confirms.  Some weeks have seen pr...

Algorithms drive oil prices up 6%, yet fundamentals remain weak
30th October 2015 by

It only took 2 days for a shocking example to confirm my concern on Monday about the volatility bein...

Markets need more cash from the Janet Yellen tooth fairy
7th September 2015 by

Central banks have acted as the proverbial tooth fairy towards financial markets in recent years.  ...

US futures market rally boosts US and OPEC oil output
17th June 2015 by

Whisper it quietly to your friends in the futures markets, who are convinced oil prices will soon su...

Oil prices jump 20% in 2 days in SuperBowl weekend coup
9th February 2015 by

An astonishing coup appears to have begun 10 days ago, in the last 45 minutes of trading in US oil ...

High-frequency traders pay $millions to be legal highwaymen
21st April 2014 by

In olden days, highwaymen would hang around stagecoach inns, waiting to see when wealthy people were...

Benzene highlights rising risks in financial markets
4th November 2013 by

The blog is busy preparing its presentations for its World Aromatics and Derivatives Conference late...

High-frequency trading continues to take markets higher
16th October 2013 by

The blog was very pleased to see the Nobel Prize awarded jointly to Robert Shiller, whose words of w...

“Its going to be scary”
10th June 2013 by

As the Financial Times wrote on Saturday: “Earlier this year, it all seemed so straightforward...

High frequency trading causes another mini-crash
30th April 2013 by

Do any blog readers routinely trade on the basis of Twitter comments? Or more specifically, do any t...

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