Chemicals and the Economy

Chart of the Year – China’s shadow banking collapse means deflation may be round the corner
16th December 2018 by

Last year it was Bitcoin, in 2016 it was the near-doubling in US 10-year interest rates, and in 2015...

Asian downturn worsens, bringing global recession nearer
25th November 2018 by

The chemical industry is the best leading indicator for the global economy.  And my visit to Singap...

Budgeting for the end of “Business as Usual”
28th October 2018 by

Companies and investors are starting to finalise their plans for the coming year.  Many are assumin...

“What could possibly go wrong?”
21st October 2018 by

I well remember the questions a year ago, after I published my annual Budget Outlook, ‘Budgeti...

Global auto market heads for 5% fall as stimulus impact wanes
30th January 2017 by

2016 data highlights one startling statistic about the world’s Top 7 auto markets.  They are ...

China’s lending bubble is being deflated
5th February 2016 by

The changes underway in China’s lending policies are far more significant that anything being ...

China’s lending, electricity consumption continues to slow
16th June 2015 by

‘Bad news’ seems to have become ‘good news’ as far as China’s economy ...

China’s economy continues to slow as lending curbs bite
19th May 2015 by

Everyone seems sure that China’s government is about to undertake major new stimulus.  Thus R...

US auto sales close to running on empty
5th May 2015 by

We’ve all had that moment of jumping into the car, and turning on the ignition, only to realis...

“Sell in May and go away?” as US/German bond yields jump
4th May 2015 by

A strange thing happened to German 10-year interest rates last week – they rose quite sharply,...

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