Chemicals and the Economy

High-flying “story stocks” hit air pockets as credit finally tightens
29th July 2018 by

“Nobody could ever have seen this coming” is the normal comment after sudden share price...

Chemical industry warns of likely global recession in 2017
7th November 2016 by

The chemical industry is the best leading indicator for the global economy, and it is flagging major...

Oil market speculators profit as central banks hand out free cash
21st March 2016 by

Oil markets are entering a very dangerous phase.  Already, many US energy companies have gone bankr...

New oil price fall is matter of “when”, not “if”, as inventory builds
30th June 2015 by

Financial players have become convinced in recent months that the oil price will rise.  And so far,...

Oil price collapse, US$ rise confirm Great Unwinding underway
17th November 2014 by

Stock markets are floating ever higher on an ocean of central bank money printing.  But something ...

Boom/Gloom Index tumbles as S&P 500 hits record
5th September 2014 by

The stock market used to be a good leading indicator for the economy.  But that was before the cent...

Seven global implications of China’s new policies
5th February 2014 by

Everyone remembers the old joke, “Why did the elephant wear dark glasses?”, and the answ...

The trend is your friend until it isn’t – part 2
13th January 2014 by

“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese proverb which has an alternative meanin...

Global economy approaches a T-junction
6th January 2014 by

Intuition’s great benefit is that it provides a different perspective.  Thus the intuitive ...

“No pain, no gain” the outlook for China in 2014
10th December 2013 by

Its been a great year for polyethylene (PE) demand growth in China.  But whether this relates to re...

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