Chemicals and the Economy

Water wars, food shortages create urgent need for new, demand-led approach
15th April 2016 by

Companies and investors need to refocus on demand as the key driver for future revenue and profit gr...

Cash poor, time rich US consumers cause retail sales to plateau
16th October 2015 by

US retail sales have failed to see the rise that most economists, and the US Federal Reserve, confid...

US retail sales hit by declines in income and household wealth
25th August 2014 by

US retail sales tell a sorry story about the state of underlying demand.  US sales at Wal-Mart, the...

Affordability, not affordable luxury, key trend for next 20 years
5th June 2014 by

The world changes, and successful companies and people learn to change with it.  That was the blog&...

Tesco sees shoppers entering the New Normal
6th October 2012 by

Tesco is the world’s 3rd largest retailer, operating in most major markets. A new analysis by ...

High oil prices hit retail spending
20th June 2012 by

Brent oil prices have just finished a record sequence of 240 days above $100/bbl. This was longer th...

US home prices slip as foreclosures increase
28th April 2012 by

Since 2007, every spring sees a rush of forecasters to claim that – finally – the US hou...

India’s failed reforms leave food to rot
10th December 2011 by

Many analysts have argued that demand in India could easily replace volumes lost due to a slowing We...

Lower earnings, pensions, hit US consumers
18th October 2011 by

Wall Street analysts have their bonuses to consider at this time of year. So it is no surprise that ...

Tesco says ‘Today is the New Normal’
29th September 2011 by

The world’s leading retailers have been extremely reliable leading indicators for the chemical...

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