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2016 – for LNG it was the year that wasn’t

The long-awaited surge of new global LNG production has not led to the widely-expected and sustained oversupply in the market, at least so far in 2016. The expected end of European reloads as a result of more production starting up in both Atlantic and Pacific basins has also not come to pass. ICIS spot prices […]

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This winter it really is about the weather

The cliche about weather driving energy prices, in particular on European gas and Asian LNG, is just as relevant this year as ever before. A mild weather with no extended periods of freezing cold in Europe could see forward gas prices steadily ease down despite fears over a lack of gas storage in the UK […]

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Northwest Europe is a surprisingly important source of LNG

The content of my conversations with LNG traders and ship brokers has changed in recent months with a much greater interest now in pricing developments at northwest European gas hubs. About a year ago Europe was touted by LNG sellers as the key source of demand in a market that would be oversupplied for years […]

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Part economics, part politics – the role of LNG in Europe

The flood of LNG into Europe, expected by many commentators, has yet to appear. But deliveries are likely to be higher this year than in 2015, and if demand fails to rise in east Asia in the mid-term, Europe could see a big jump in deliveries later in the decade. Perhaps more relevant for now […]

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Panama Canal expansion trials in June but what about LNG?

A vessel will trial the newly-expanded Panama Canal from 27 June as part of the project which will cut journey time and distance for new US LNG producers selling into Asia. It has not been an easy path and development of the expansion has been slow and more expensive than planned. Numerous problems included leaks […]

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Domestic Indian price reforms could boost LNG import demand

From an LNG seller’s perspective, India is one of the few beacons of hope. The vast country, which has a very price sensitive approach to buying liquid gas, is taking more cargoes both on a contract and spot basis. A recent move by the Indian government to change the pricing formula of domestically-produced gas from […]

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