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Jamie Stewart is editor of European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) at ICIS Energy. He has a specialisation in the UK and northwest European power markets, as well as renewable energy

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No alternative: Europe’s low-carbon energy transition will come of age in 2017

“Alternative energy”. Is that still a common phrase? In some quarters, it is. In a recent New York Times Trump-themed article, the phrase was in the headline, while market operator Nasdaq continues to publish a monthly Alternative Energy Stock Outlook. In July 2016, the phrase even snuck into an ICIS article. But this is 2017. […]

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A crazy week in UK power. But will the madness return this winter?

In recent days, UK power has been a crazy energy market to trade in. Late in the day on 14 September, a 50MW, £105.00/MWh front-week trade – a transaction worth nearly £900,000 – was down almost 10% at £95.00/MWh, £100,000 wiped off its value, within just 35 minutes. In terms of jaw-dropping potential, this was […]

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Take the city of Oxford to space, and other things you can do with the £33bn Hinkley Point subsidy pot

Energy news, often confined to the inside pages of UK national newspapers, led the front pages last week when the British government stunned French state-owned firm EDF by announcing a review of the contract underpinning the giant Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant. When discussing our coverage with ICIS colleagues, we made a back-of-the-envelope calculation […]

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Brexit and UK energy investment – how long before the dust will settle?

Following on from my colleague Fionn O’Raghallaigh’s excellent blog post on Brexit and financial regulation, I find myself sitting at work two Tuesdays after the Monday after the Friday before. As editor of a power market publication, I can often find myself reading or writing about wind power, but this time it is about wind […]

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Wire we waiting?

In an event that went largely unnoticed save for a select handful of expert news services – ICIS included of course – Europe’s largest electricity market, Germany, supplied all of its power from renewable sources for a brief hour-long window on Sunday 15 May. This was a milestone of epic proportions, and one worth putting […]

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Project delays: When the line between parody and reality blurs, it’s time to make a decision

Energy can be a dry topic. Sometimes, if I tell new people I’m an energy journalist a now-familiar look flashes across their face, and it is clear they have just thought, but not said: “Is that a real job then?” As a subject, energy encompasses finance, economics and physics among many other things – rarely […]

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