Remote-working growth yields food for thought for supply chain
19th June 2020 by

What opportunities and challenges does sustained growth in remote working present to FMCGs and retai...

Narrow benzene spread displays level of downstream woes
17th June 2020 by

What should purchasing managers of benzene derivatives look for when analysing its spread with crude...

Is your chemical market three-dimensional?
12th June 2020 by

How can an understanding beyond the linear chemical chain bring value to sourcing teams? Back in the...

Consumers’ desire for sustainable packaging has not been shelved by pandemic
9th June 2020 by

What does the current downturn in demand for recycled plastics mean for the packaging value chain? C...

Amid information madness, it’s the methods that matter
8th June 2020 by

It’s getting harder to know what to believe. That statement doesn’t come as a revelation to many...

For FMCGs and retail procurers, window of opportunity is now
2nd June 2020 by

What does the spring oil collapse mean for procurers at the end of the value chain? Welcome to June ...

Automobile demand woes taking polypropylene for ride
29th May 2020 by

There are a few time-tested principles you take for granted when dealing with chemical data: Crude o...

Disrupted marketplace requires active, informed negotiating stance
22nd May 2020 by

Five months into 2020, here’s where we are: Companies literally and figuratively have ripped u...

Opportunity lies in recognising the next renaissance
20th May 2020 by

Here’s a blasphemous statement: There really is no “new normal.” The only “new normal”...

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