Dow warns
26th September 2007 by

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris has spelled out very clearly his concerns about the impact of the US subprime...

One week later
25th September 2007 by

A week ago, I wrote that it would be important to see if ‘the US Federal Reserve can pull a rabbit...

Shell, Saudi Aramco to build new $7bn US refinery
24th September 2007 by

Shell and Saudi Aramco have now confirmed plans to spend $7bn to build what they term ‘the first n...

Goldman sees $95/bbl oil
20th September 2007 by

Well, now we know. Interviewed by the Financial Times on Monday, Alan Greenspan rejected the widely-...

The hurricane touches down
18th September 2007 by

Extraordinary events have taken place in the UK since my posting on Friday: • A bankrun took place...

Northern Rock – subprime contagion spreads
14th September 2007 by

When the US subprime crisis began, we were assured by the ‘experts’ that it was only a small pro...

OPEC seeks lower oil prices
12th September 2007 by

OPEC are sounding a note of concern about the impact of high oil prices on the world economy. Hasan ...

To cut, or not to cut?
9th September 2007 by

One of the benefits of writing this blog is that it provides the opportunity to research behind the ...

Blackstone moves on China BlueStar
7th September 2007 by

There’s an interesting indication today of the changes taking place in the Chinese economy. Bloomb...

Two swallows
6th September 2007 by

This week has seen more downbeat news on US auto and housing sales. Ford said their total August veh...

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