S&P warns on debt-laden companies
15th February 2008 by

Ratings agencies Moody’s and S&P started taking a heavy line with Sabic in December over the s...

UK banks follow US lead in tightening credit
13th February 2008 by

The Bank of England’s quarterly survey of corporate credit conditions, published today, shows that...

‘Don’t panic’ say Dow, BASF
12th February 2008 by

Its not normally a good sign when chemical industry bosses feel the need to cheerlead on the outlook...

US banks tighten as the Fed eases
10th February 2008 by

The US Fed has dramatically cut interest rates by 1.25% recently. But as it eases, so US banks seem ...

The renminbi keeps rising
10th February 2008 by

I noted last month that China seemed to have changed policy with regard to the renminbi. Since then,...

Wal-Mart sales ‘below expectations’
8th February 2008 by

‘‘I despair at times at why the equity markets can’t see how serious the credit crunch is’, ...

60 is the new 40 for BP
7th February 2008 by

Very few non-OPEC oil projects have been financed in recent years, although market prices have risen...

Dow, Basell, BASF, SABIC owed $5m in Plastech bankruptcy
5th February 2008 by

Chemical companies tend to trade on ‘open book’ terms with long-established customers. They are ...

OPEC holds quotas, rebuffs Bush
4th February 2008 by

OPEC’s decision to hold its production quota at last Friday’s meeting came as no surprise to the...

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