OPEC suggests $200/bbl oil
30th April 2008 by

OPEC used to believe that its fortunes were tied to the health of the global economy. But as I noted...

INEOS’ Grangemouth plants on strike
27th April 2008 by

Ineos’ 200,000bpd Grangemouth refinery in Scotland is on strike today and tomorrow, over a pension...

US housing slows again
27th April 2008 by

Financial markets have been buoyant in recent weeks, as I noted recently. But this is at odds with a...

Innovation awards for bankers?
22nd April 2008 by

ICIS has just announced its annual Innovation Awards for the chemical industry. Perhaps ICIS might n...

‘Longer, deeper, wider’
21st April 2008 by

Singapore is one of the global economic success stories of recent decades. Its sovereign wealth fund...

A tale of two outlooks – part 2
20th April 2008 by

In an early blog last July, I marvelled at the contrast between the then upbeat nature of financial ...

UK ‘at risk of US-style housing slump’
19th April 2008 by

UK readers, and others invested in the outlook for the UK housing market, may be particularly intere...

Russian crude supply ‘peaking’
16th April 2008 by

Russia is the world’s 2nd largest oil producer. And it has been the main source of increased crude...

‘Sometimes those questions lead to war’
15th April 2008 by

The weekend’s finance minister meeting in Washington DC seems to have been quite different from it...

Every silver lining has a cloud
13th April 2008 by

I am currently lucky enough to be visiting Asia every month. This also gives me a chance to ‘check...

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