LyondellBasell considers bankruptcy
31st December 2008 by

2008 has not ended well for the chemical industry. First there was the collapse in demand, as the va...

Kuwait “scraps” K-Dow JV
29th December 2008 by

2008 has not been a good year for M&A in the chemical sector. First, there was the collapse of H...

The impact of banking crises
28th December 2008 by

The blog has been searching the websites of the major central banks, such as the IMF, World Bank, Fe...

Oil hits $34/bbl
22nd December 2008 by

The blog’s oil price forecasts have had a stellar record this year. Last month, with its $70/b...

Roubini on the 2009 Outlook
22nd December 2008 by

Prof Nouriel Roubini has long been correctly bearish about the economy, and was one of the first to ...

Chemical production growth goes negative
20th December 2008 by

The chart, taken from the weekly ACC report, shows just how badly chemical production has been hit i...

M&A focus to change in 2009
19th December 2008 by

The recession will have a major impact on M&A activity next year, according to a new analysis b...

European olefins move to monthly pricing
18th December 2008 by

The blog warmly welcomes the move by players in the European olefins market to re-engage with monthl...

A final push on the piece of string
17th December 2008 by

Yesterday the US Fed cut interest rates to an all-time low of 0% – 0.25%. Once again, Wall Str...

UK housing starts “lowest since 1924”
16th December 2008 by

The UK is expected to build just 135,000 houses this year, compared to 203,500 in 2007. This is the ...

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