US house prices below 1979 levels in real terms
31st March 2009 by

Source: US house prices remain on a “downward path” according to today...

Obama gets tough on US auto industry
30th March 2009 by

There had been speculation that President Obama’s mid-West background might tempt him to take ...

US housing market decline may start to slow
29th March 2009 by

US new home sales began falling in 2005, when they peaked at 1.4 million a month. Last month, as the...

Congress ends ‘mark to market’
27th March 2009 by

Last month, the blog supported former US Treasury Secretary Brady’s argument that ‘mark ...

US oil stocks rise, demand drops, prices rise
26th March 2009 by

Oil prices have been rising steadily over the past few weeks, and are up 20% since the start of the ...

Japan’s exports fall record 49%, China builds inventory
25th March 2009 by

Japan’s auto exports tumbled 71% in February, and its US exports fell 58%, causing total expor...

Low-cost operation key to survival
24th March 2009 by

ICIS Chemical Business has just published my article, ‘Low-cost operation key to survival̵...

Benzene on the floor
22nd March 2009 by

Benzene is one of the most widely used, and widely traded, chemicals. It is therefore an excellent l...

IMF says advanced economies to “contract sharply”
20th March 2009 by

The IMF and World Bank continue to play leap-frog in reducing their global growth forecasts. In Janu...

Anger replaces Denial, as financial crisis evolves
18th March 2009 by

Human beings go through a number of stages when confronted by major change. As first described by El...

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