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Boom/Gloom Index rally continues

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By Paul Hodges on 01-Jul-2009
Index Jul09.jpg

Last month, the blog introduced its new Boom/Gloom Index, designed to track sentiment in financial markets. The chart above now updates it to reflect the whole of June.

The Index has continued to move up, and is close to the levels last seen in October 2007. Equally remarkable is the performance of the Green Shoots Index, which has hit another all-time high. There is little doubt that the performance of the two indices is related. Investors clearly want to believe that recovery is ‘just around the corner’, even though there is little hard evidence to support this belief.

Chemical companies have done well in exploiting this improved sentiment. Dow managed to raise nearly $10bn to repair its balance sheet, via asset sales and equity/debt issues. Ineos are well on the way to agreeing new covenants with their lenders. Neither looked easy to achieve before the market began its March rally.

Now, of course, comes the hard part. Will the current restocking process turn into a real recovery? The blog maintains its doubts, and fears the green shoots may wither to become yellow weeds.