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Teesside’s £30m to develop low carbon industry

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By Paul Hodges on 10-Dec-2009

Teessidea left.jpgThe blog is delighted to see that the UK government has now allocated GBP30m to:

“Equip Teesside to move beyond traditional heavy industry to realise its potential to be part of our low carbon manufacturing base.

“This includes investment in redevelopment of industrial land and infrastructure.

“It also includes investment to establish bio-based materials, to reduce energy use of industry in the area, for initiatives on carbon capture and storage and support for technology transfer and new business practices.”

It is very good news that the skills of the chemical industry are being recognised as fundamental to the development of the low carbon industries and technologies of the future. The Teesside 10-point plan, and the leadership provided by key local figures and organisations, will now have some financial firepower behind them.