Chemicals and the Economy

China’s slowdown hits shipping market
30th June 2010 by

The Baltic Dry Index of freight costs (for iron ore, grains and coal) follows changes in global dema...

Home truths about the causes of the financial crisis
29th June 2010 by

Darwin hit it on the nail when he wrote in ‘Origin of the Species’ that “Unless pr...

More words than action at G-20 Summit
29th June 2010 by

When the G-20 met in London in April 2009, they produced a Communiqué containing just 688 words. An...

McBride warns of “weak retail sales across Europe”
28th June 2010 by

The blog is a great believer in the retail sector’s ability to help us forecast chemical indus...

Global chemical recovery starts to slow
26th June 2010 by

At the mid-year point, its interesting to look at the performance of the total chemical industry, in...

US new home sales fall 33%
24th June 2010 by

The blog is in gloomy mood today, in spite of last night’s England World Cup win. Not because ...

Key US indicator signals downturn may resume in H2
23rd June 2010 by

Stock markets have always been somewhat unreliable as a forecasting tool. And their record has got w...

INEOS to build £52m waste-to-bioethanol plant
22nd June 2010 by

The blog is delighted to see that Ineos is to build its first European BioEnergy Process Technology ...

Deepwater Horizon raises ‘licence to operate’ issues
19th June 2010 by

The chemical industry can be very proud of what it has achieved with the Responsible Care programme ...

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