Major changes underway in relative olefin pricing
10th July 2010 by

Unprecedented changes are taking place in the relative prices of the main ‘building block̵...

TOTAL moves forward on methanol to olefins
8th July 2010 by

Coal was the original source of most chemicals. It was then replaced in the 1960’s by oil-base...

A Year of Two Halves
7th July 2010 by

Two months ago, on 8 May, the blog suggested that ‘Sell in May and Go Away” was likely t...

Boom/Gloom Index warns of rising Austerity risk
6th July 2010 by

The latest IeC Boom/Gloom Index © is showing a further rise in its austerity reading (red line). Th...

The blog’s 3rd birthday
5th July 2010 by

The blog continues to go from strength to strength. It is now read in 130 countries and 3680 cities,...

US auto sales slip as employment growth weakens
3rd July 2010 by

Each US auto sale is worth $2973 to the chemical industry, according to American Chemistry Council r...

Whisky Galore for pensioners
3rd July 2010 by

The pension funding crisis is causing problems for companies, as life expectancy increases. So the b...

General Electric’s CEO hits at China, Obama
2nd July 2010 by

When things are going well, potential problem areas get brushed under the carpet. Its only when the ...

Russia’s chemical output begins to improve
1st July 2010 by

In May last year, the blog was hopeful that the major decline in Russian chemical production might s...

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