Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

August highlights
31st August 2010 by

Many readers have been taking a well-deserved break over the past few weeks. As usual, therefore, th...

China’s growth in crude oil demand slows
30th August 2010 by

The Petromatrix report is currently a must-read for anyone seeking to understand what is really happ...

Questions to the chemical market genie
28th August 2010 by

With the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve saying the outlook is “unusually uncertain“,...

Kerbside recycling of PET bottles “no better than landfill” in reducing carbon emissions
26th August 2010 by

Recycling may not be reducing carbon emissions as much as had been hoped. This seems to be the findi...

The “real bottom line” in the Financial Times
25th August 2010 by

The blog has had a letter published in the FT this morning, which readers might like to see. It focu...

Aromatics Conference ‘Early Bird’ discount till next week
25th August 2010 by

Registrations are already building for our 9th European Aromatics and Derivatives Conference, to be ...

Lower refining rates support EU petchem margins
24th August 2010 by

Sometimes every cloud does have a silver lining. And that’s currently the case with the fall i...

Oil prices weaken as inventories continue to build
23rd August 2010 by

Oil markets are an accident waiting to happen for the chemical industry. Oil inventories around the ...

Baby-Boomers cut spending, start saving
21st August 2010 by

Consumer spending is 70% of US GDP. And because US GDP is so large, this means the US consumer is 17...

Brainstorming on biomass
19th August 2010 by

The blog has come across a useful new tool for global brainstorming, run out of San Francisco by Dis...

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