2011 Budgets
16th October 2010 by

The blog will publish its annual Budget Outlook for 2011 next weekend. And so as usual, its now time...

China, USA, give cash subsidies to electric autos
14th October 2010 by

Greater use of electric autos is a win-win for the chemical industry. They will not only reduce comp...

Shell sees “supply revolution” in natural gas
13th October 2010 by

Natural gas markets, so important in relation to chemical feedstock availability and pricing, are un...

Western retailing enters the New Normal
12th October 2010 by

More evidence is emerging of the major changes taking place in Western retailing as we transition to...

NiTech wins ICIS Innovation Award
11th October 2010 by

Regular readers may remember that the blog is also non-exec chairman of NiTech Solutions, a technolo...

Asian demand key to global chemical outlook
9th October 2010 by

As promised last week, the blog has undertaken its usual 6 monthly analysis of global chemical produ...

Uncertainty rules in petrochemicals
7th October 2010 by

The blog’s former ICI colleague, Tom Crotty, aptly summarised the mood of most petchem players...

Chemical Industry & Employment Outlook webinar
6th October 2010 by

The blog is pleased to have been invited by the American Chemical Society (ACS) to join its online p...

Markets anticipate the QE2 ‘Lifeboat Party’
5th October 2010 by

Warren Buffett, the legendary US investor once cautioned that “over time, markets will do extr...

Shell focuses on profitable upgrading of hydrocarbons
4th October 2010 by

Business models have been changing over the past decade in the chemical industry, as illustrated in ...

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