Duty barriers continue to rise on chemical exports
30th November 2010 by

The chemical industry has been one of the great beneficiaries from globalisation over the past 25 ye...

Weak gasoline creates benzene opportunity
29th November 2010 by

Benzene markets have become increasingly volatile over the past few years. This is because there are...

Aromatics face challenges ahead
27th November 2010 by

Attendees had a fascinating two days at our annual European Aromatics & Derivatives Conference ...

Europe olefin operating rates remain at 82%
25th November 2010 by

Q3 showed no real improvement in European cracker operating rates (OR%). As the chart shows, based o...

China forecasts 20% property price drop in 2011
24th November 2010 by

China’s government tends not to like surprises. Its usual tactic is therefore to talk about po...

Oil producers hedge their bets
23rd November 2010 by

The obvious is rarely a winning strategy in commodity markets. Too many players have inside knowledg...

US core inflation at lowest-ever level
22nd November 2010 by

In one of its first posts, at the time of the ill-fated Access deal for Lyondell in July 2007, the b...

Malaysia launches world’s first 4G service
20th November 2010 by

A decade ago, the blog was one of the pioneers of eBusiness as ChemConnect’s VP Europe/Middle ...

Western consumers cut back spending
18th November 2010 by

All is clearly not well with the Western consumer. The stimulus programmes have not given them renew...

Pressure mounts on US Fed’s QE2 Lifeboat
17th November 2010 by

The US Fed’s new QE2 Lifeboat programme designed to raise asset prices got off to a bad start ...

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