China to halt property loans till year-end
16th November 2010 by

China’s export-led economy was badly hit when the financial Crisis began in Q4 2008. In respon...

G-20 delivers “platitudes” as Obama hits at China
15th November 2010 by

The blog has a simple measure for the effectiveness of international meetings. It counts the number ...

Chemical companies have mixed views on outlook
13th November 2010 by

The blog’s regular review of quarterly company results presents a mixed picture. Compared to a...

UK house prices begin to slip
11th November 2010 by

The UK housing market has presented a confusing picture over the past 2 years. Unlike Spain, Ireland...

Warsh calls for “better policies” as G-20 meets
10th November 2010 by

US Fed Governor Kevin Warsh is one of the few policymakers to focus on reality rather than wishful t...

Chemicals set for “strong” year-end as oil jumps 7%
9th November 2010 by

Last week, the blog repeated its warning that crude oil was preparing for a big move, either up or d...

US wages continue to stagnate
8th November 2010 by

The US Fed’s move to launch its QE2 Lifeboat continues its policy of focusing on measures to b...

US Fed launches its $600bn QE2 Lifeboat
6th November 2010 by

So now its official. This week, the US Federal Reserve confirmed it was launching its ‘QE2 Lif...

China’s futures markets give mixed messages
4th November 2010 by

China’s Dalian futures market has been attracting world headlines recently, with its status as...

Leading industry figures at Aromatics Conference
3rd November 2010 by

Later this month, Berlin hosts our annual European Aromatics & Derivatives conference, held as ...

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