Chemicals and the Economy

The blog in 2010
31st December 2010 by

The blog’s readership continues to grow. It is now read in 133 countries and 4362 cities, comp...

US foreclosure period doubles, as house prices fall
29th December 2010 by

The US foreclosure process used to take around 36 weeks, once the homeowner stopped making payments....

China’s women believe housing essential for marriage
27th December 2010 by

70% of China’s women regard “housing, a stable income and some savings” as vital f...

To wait, or not to wait
23rd December 2010 by

If the blog offered you a choice between taking $3400 today, or waiting a month to receive $3800, wh...

Petrobras moves forward on green polymers
22nd December 2010 by

The blog was very pleased to talk recently to Business News Americas about developments in Latin Ame...

3 major risks for 2011
21st December 2010 by

There seems to be gathering concern in Germany about the outlook for 2011. This is very significant,...

China’s Li calls for “reasonable” GDP growth in 2011
20th December 2010 by

The blog is awarding itself a pat on the back today, for its decision to focus on electricity consum...

New White Paper for New Year
18th December 2010 by

The blog’s 2 White Papers have proved enormously popular this year. More than 10000 copies hav...

Oil prices create European polyethylene “shortage”
16th December 2010 by

Oil price rises reduce chemical demand. Initially, as we saw in 2007 – H1 2008, and in 1979 &#...

France, Germany, discuss EU fiscal union, as loan problems increase
15th December 2010 by

The EU loans crisis began 6 months ago, when it became likely that Greece was never going to be able...

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