Oil prices – the Libya factor
28th February 2011 by

The blog’s recent White Paper, ‘Budgeting for Uncertainty’, warned that “geo...

New Normal seminar successful in Singapore
26th February 2011 by

The blog has had an exciting time in Singapore this week. 21 delegates had registered for the first-...

OECD indicators signal slower growth
24th February 2011 by

The OECD’s leading indicators for the global economy suggest that GDP growth is continuing to ...

Europe sees 2-speed performance on auto sales
23rd February 2011 by

The blog is changing its chart for EU auto sales. The aim is to better show seasonal trends, and als...

Asia’s olefin margins weaken vs Europe, USA
22nd February 2011 by

The ICIS weekly margin reports continue to provide essential reading for anyone in the petrochemical...

US households worry about incomes
21st February 2011 by

The fascinating chart above from Dave Rosenberg at Gluskin Sieff confirms the blog’s fears abo...

China battles food and house price inflation
19th February 2011 by

When China announced that inflation had reached 5.1% in November, the authorities insisted it was on...

Housing markets remain uncertain
17th February 2011 by

The blog’s special series this week has focused on housing in 3 key markets – the USA, U...

China seeks ‘soft landing’ for house prices
16th February 2011 by

Housing’s share of China’s GDP has tripled over the past decade to 6%. This, of course, ...

UK house prices slip in H2
15th February 2011 by

UK housing markets followed the US lead in recent decades. Conservative and Labour governments both ...

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