Chemicals and the Economy

US Fed’s QE2 programme hits consumer confidence, raises mortgage rates
31st March 2011 by

Last November, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve justified his $600bn QE2 programme to boost fi...

China’s economy hits the ‘pause’ button
30th March 2011 by

The blog’s recent Asian visit revealed considerable anxiety about the state of demand in China...

US house starts remain at all-time lows
29th March 2011 by

Changes in US housing values continue to exert a larger and more important impact upon household con...

Facts of the week
28th March 2011 by

The Financial Times reports two interesting facts: • Japan’s leading seismologist warned Tok...

The Potential Impact of the Japan Disaster – an Update
27th March 2011 by

Sadly, the blog needs to update its March 16 post, which analysed the potential impact of the Japan ...

Uncertainty builds around the world
26th March 2011 by

The blog has built great loyalty amongst its readers. 24% visit it twice a week. Recently, as during...

Electric autos launched in the USA
24th March 2011 by

The blog has been following the development of General Motors’ electric auto, the Volt, since ...

The super-computers even confuse Bloomberg
23rd March 2011 by

The blog has worried for some time about the growing dominance of super-computers in financial marke...

Dow Corning launches Shared Value initiative
23rd March 2011 by

100 million children in developing countries can’t to see the blackboard in school, because of...

Super-computers party, as energy markets trade at record ratios
22nd March 2011 by

Something very strange has been happening to US energy prices over the past 2 years. The chart above...

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