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Electric autos launched in the USA

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By Paul Hodges on 24-Mar-2011

Volt Mar11.pngThe blog has been following the development of General Motors’ electric auto, the Volt, since October 2008.

Its old friend, Pedro Spohr of Galp in Portugal, had highlighted how a move to electric autos had the potential to change naphtha balances for the chemical industry.

So it is delighted to see that the Volt has achieved good reviews on its debut in the USA. Its $36k price tag means its not going to change the balances on its own. But hopefully its success will inspire cheaper models to be developed in the USA and around the world.

After all, cynical financial magazines like Barrons don’t usually conclude reviews as follows:

“All in all, the most remarkable thing about this General Motors car is how unremarkable life with it is. Yes, dear reader, America can still build something innovative, clever and first-rate.”