Chemicals and the Economy

Tesco says ‘Today is the New Normal’
29th September 2011 by

The world’s leading retailers have been extremely reliable leading indicators for the chemical...

US, China, EU auto sales stall
28th September 2011 by

Auto sales in the world’s 3 main markets (China, USA, EU), saw much slower growth in the past ...

When I’m 64
27th September 2011 by

Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? The Beatles asked the right questions back in 1967, ...

Time for leadership at EPCA
26th September 2011 by

The chemical industry has a turnover of $3.4trn, and is the world’s 3rd largest industry. It m...

Low Western pensions will change demand patterns
24th September 2011 by

Next week, the blog publishes Chapter 5 of its ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’ eBook, c...

‘Peak oil’ a theory, not a statement of fact
22nd September 2011 by

Oil supply is critical to today’s global economy. Now a new book by oil expert Daniel Yergin, ...

European auto sales down 1% so far in 2011
21st September 2011 by

Most of Europe goes on holiday in August, and so it is only now that auto sales for July and August ...

Financial markets worry about new downturn
20th September 2011 by

An abrupt change of direction is never a pleasant experience in global financial markets. Yet unfort...

Global economy weakens as China oil demand drops
19th September 2011 by

There seems little doubt that the global economy is now entering a new downturn. Pessimists may worr...

Surrey win 40-over cricket Final at Lords
17th September 2011 by

The blog has just returned from Lords cricket ground in London, where its Surrey team has just won t...

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