Financial markets party whilst petchems remain weak
17th October 2011 by

Financial markets continued their start of quarter rally last week. But their volatility amazes even...

2012 Budgets
15th October 2011 by

The blog will publish its fifth annual Budget Outlook next weekend. As usual, it is therefore time t...

Time to confront reality
14th October 2011 by

Peggy Noonan is the blog’s favourite political correspondent. She used to be President Reagan&...

Politics, beliefs return to dominate economics
13th October 2011 by

The 10000 readers who downloaded the blog’s first Budget White Paper in December 2009, ‘...

Global oil bill now 5% of GDP
12th October 2011 by

The world has suffered a recession every time the oil price has reached current levels. And as the b...

US auto sales remain flat
11th October 2011 by

The good news about US auto sales last month was that they were the highest September sales since 20...

Groundhog Day again as Quarter 4 starts
10th October 2011 by

The great film comedy Groundhog Day saw Bill Murray doomed to repeat the same day in his life, until...

EPCA attendees worry about China slowdown
8th October 2011 by

China was understandably a key item on most people’s minds at this week’s annual EPCA (E...

Critical Success Factors in the New Normal
6th October 2011 by

Yesterday’s Scenarios hopefully provided valuable insight into the challenges ahead for compan...

Scenarios for the transition to the New Normal
5th October 2011 by

The transition to the new Normal is likely to be painful and long-lasting. Future demand growth will...

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