Doing More with Less – the products of the future
31st January 2012 by

The global economy is moving into a difficult period, as it transitions to the New Normal. Debt leve...

Markets wait to see what happens next
30th January 2012 by

‘Would you buy, or would you sell?’ is always an interesting question in any market. Pet...

EU ethylene output highlights recession risk
28th January 2012 by

Latest data from the IMF shows that the EU remains the world’s largest economic unit. Its GDP ...

Crude oil inventories at high levels
26th January 2012 by

The blog’s argument that there is no shortage of crude oil seems finally to be going mainstrea...

H2 force majeure reports show little improvement
25th January 2012 by

The blog’s 6 monthly review of force majeures (FM) reveals worryingly little improvement in pe...

Global auto sales growth stalls as BabyBoomers age
24th January 2012 by

Cars are now the largest single market for chemical sales, as housing markets have slowed globally. ...

“All news is good news” for China’s GDP slowdown
23rd January 2012 by

There is no arguing with markets when they are being driven by sentiment, either positive or negativ...

Saudi comments increase oil market uncertainty
21st January 2012 by

The International Energy Agency (IEA) confirmed the blog’s worst fears this week, with its ann...

Europe’s €30trn pension fund ‘hole’
19th January 2012 by

Pensions were one of the great inventions of the past century. Now the European Central Bank (ECB) h...

A China ‘hard landing’ may be unavoidable
18th January 2012 by

Saturday’s blog post highlighted the risk of a hard landing in China. This risk is very real, ...

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