US home prices hit new post-crisis lows in Q1
31st May 2012 by

The blog is changing its regular presentation of US house price movements, to mirror that used for a...

EU auto sales fall again
30th May 2012 by

April was another bad month for EU auto sales. As the chart shows, based on ACEA data, sales were do...

PE demand decline highlights China risks
29th May 2012 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to gather pace. Polyethylene (PE) demand has been a very reliab...

Market volatility hits new peaks
28th May 2012 by

Petchem markets provided a perfect case study of Volatility last week, confirming the blog’s v...

A is for Ambiguity
26th May 2012 by

Today the blog ends its review of the VUCA world with A for Ambiguity. The global economy often seem...

C is for Complexity
24th May 2012 by

The blog’s series on the VUCA world today reaches C for Complexity. Interest rates are key to ...

Interesting quote (6)
23rd May 2012 by

Nobody ever bothers to deny something that is plainly impossible. So when CEOs of a major bank deny ...

U is for Uncertainty
23rd May 2012 by

The blog’s series on the emerging ‘VUCA world’ today looks at how companies have t...

V is for Volatility
22nd May 2012 by

Unilever CEO Paul Polman suggests we are living in a VUCA world, as we discuss in chapter 11 of Boom...

Complacency rises as markets fall
21st May 2012 by

Financial markets are telling us something important about the outlook. Profitable themes over the p...

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