The blog’s 5th birthday
30th June 2012 by

The blog today celebrates its fifth birthday. Its 1400 posts since the June 2007 launch have covered...

Brazil’s PE exports increase as its economy slows
28th June 2012 by

Brazil’s economy has soared in recent years, as its raw materials have supplied China’s ...

Morgan Stanley says commodity supercycle a myth
27th June 2012 by

Morgan Stanley’s head of emerging markets seems to share the blog’s belief that the curr...

China’s PE demand continues to weaken
26th June 2012 by

China’s polyethylene (PE) demand continues to highlight the slowdown underway in the wider eco...

Another Minsky Moment may be approaching
25th June 2012 by

The global economy is now in the middle of its 3rd downturn in the past 4 years. The chart above sho...

Oil prices fall as West, Saudi, pressure Iran
23rd June 2012 by

Oil markets have weakened significantly since they fell out of their major ‘triangle’ fo...

Eurozone crisis gets worse, not better
21st June 2012 by

Global bond investors have found a new worry. 10 year interest rates in Spain, the world’s 12t...

High oil prices hit retail spending
20th June 2012 by

Brent oil prices have just finished a record sequence of 240 days above $100/bbl. This was longer th...

China battles economic slowdown
19th June 2012 by

Wenzhou in coastal Zhejiang province was the first city to encourage private enterprise when China b...

Financial markets rally as real economy weakens
18th June 2012 by

Petrochemical markets continue to provide plenty of warning signs about the deteriorating state of t...

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