EU auto sales fall 9% in May
16th June 2012 by

Another month, and another downturn in the European car market. It was the largest regional market i...

China’s auto dealers run for cash, not profit
14th June 2012 by

China’s auto sales picked up in May at 1.18m. This was the highest-ever sales rate in May, and...

Average age of US auto fleet at record 11.1 years
13th June 2012 by

US auto sales maintained a steady pace in May. As the chart shows (red square), they were 1.3m in th...

US companies have less cash to spend
12th June 2012 by

The US Federal Reserve has provided a wonderful new example of the problems with spreadsheets. It al...

“A failure to stay ahead of events”
11th June 2012 by

Petchem markets are doing an excellent job in their role as a leading indicator for the global econo...

If you build it, they may not come
9th June 2012 by

The story of the 1989 US movie Field of Dreams summed up the happy days of the economic supercycle t...

Austerity levels jump
7th June 2012 by

The blog’s Boom/Gloom Index (blue column) reaches its 3rd anniversary this month. It was intro...

Oil markets break out of their ‘triangle’
6th June 2012 by

There has never been any fundamental basis for the rise in oil prices over the past 3 years: • At ...

A Call to Action
5th June 2012 by

We are about to set out on a great journey as the world transitions to the New Normal. The reason fo...

What goes up, comes down
4th June 2012 by

Don’t panic is the blog’s suggestion, after last week’s market collapse. Instead, ...

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