The end of constant growth
30th August 2012 by

“You cannot just sit back and expect things to happen the way they have happened in the past, ...

Brazil’s PE exports confirm its GDP slowdown
29th August 2012 by

Emerging countries such as China and Brazil are very prompt in publishing trade data. So their figur...

China’s polyethylene demand disappoints, again
28th August 2012 by

Trade statistics present an awkward problem for the cheerleaders in financial markets. They show wha...

Chemical companies squeezed in the value chain
27th August 2012 by

It is hard to imagine a more difficult outlook for the rest of the year: • Speculators have increa...

Fashion discovers the New Old 55+ generation
25th August 2012 by

Slowly, consumer companies are waking up to the fact that youth markets have gone ex-growth in the d...

80 is the new 60, as youth markets go ex-growth
23rd August 2012 by

The G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA) account for nearly 50% of global G...

Bio-based chemicals take another step forward
22nd August 2012 by

Novozymes, the bio-innovation company, have kindly sent the blog news of their new fungus. They beli...

China’s auto dealers cut prices as inventories rise
21st August 2012 by

All is not well with China’s auto market. On the surface, as the chart shows, sales appear to ...

‘High raw material prices are killing some markets’
20th August 2012 by

Nobody rings a bell at market tops or bottoms. Instead, one has to look for the divergences that sug...

Investors pay Switzerland to borrow from them
18th August 2012 by

2 years ago, Italy was paying 3.82% to borrow for 10 years (red column). Spain was paying 4.11%. The...

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