Companies need to plan for slower global growth
31st October 2012 by

As promised, the blog looks today at the business implications of population ageing and slower econo...

Ageing populations mean decades of slower growth
30th October 2012 by

The next few decades will see very much slower economic growth in most countries. This will have cri...

Buyers start selling benzene as demand disappears
29th October 2012 by

What happens if prices stay unaffordable for so long, that the consumer eventually stops buying? You...

Doing nothing is not a good option
27th October 2012 by

The blog was interviewed by ICIS’ Will Beacham on its budget outlook this week. Key points fro...

US housing starts rise as investors buy into rental sector
25th October 2012 by

US housing markets have been a disaster for many homeowners. Overall, they have lost $6tn since the ...

Global auto sales growth slows
24th October 2012 by

The impact of sustained high oil prices is becoming very clear in global auto markets. Car sales are...

Goldman Sachs follows the blog on oil prices
23rd October 2012 by

The blog is awarding itself and fellow-blogger John Richardson a pat on the back this morning. The r...

US companies’ revenue starts to fall, as higher oil prices bite
22nd October 2012 by

Whisper it quietly, so as not to disturb the world’s central bankers as they rest. But the imp...

Budgeting for an L-shaped recovery
20th October 2012 by

As companies finalise Budgets for 2013-15, many will be thinking long and hard about the implication...

Vertical farming brings food to the cities
18th October 2012 by

Current farming techniques haven’t changed much over thousands of years. Yet the people who ea...

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