China’s auto sales remain in the slow lane
17th October 2012 by

Mark Twain, the famous US writer, put it well when he warned that: “It isn’t what you do...

Saudi Aramco, Dow, Shell, IEA to speak at Berlin conference
16th October 2012 by

Next month’s World Aromatics conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved with the in...

3 issues, and an overview, at EPCA
15th October 2012 by

This year’s European Petrochemical Association in Berlin was notable for its realism. The blog...

2013 Budgets face many risks
13th October 2012 by

There are many ways to lead a company to disaster. But one of the most reliable is to follow convent...

Oil price speculators drive major petchem volatility
11th October 2012 by

It is tempting to think that oil price volatility is a zero-sum game. For every ‘winner’...

India’s slowdown boosts motorbike sales
10th October 2012 by

95% of Indian households do not own a car. And as the chart above shows, motor cycles remain the key...

Nissan targets Datsun at the $3000 auto market
9th October 2012 by

It would be nice to believe that there are billions of middle-class people in emerging countries. An...

October’s demand begins to disappoint
8th October 2012 by

October is usually one of the 4 strongest months for demand, alongside January, March and May. This ...

Tesco sees shoppers entering the New Normal
6th October 2012 by

Tesco is the world’s 3rd largest retailer, operating in most major markets. A new analysis by ...

Boom/Gloom Index slows as sentiment weakens
4th October 2012 by

Here we go again’ seems to be the reaction of financial markets to the US Federal Reserve̵...

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