The blog in 2012

Chemical companies
By Paul Hodges on 27-Dec-2012

Blog Dec12.pngThe blog is now close to celebrating its 150,000th visit. Its readership also continues to grow and it is now read in 146 countries. Readers remain very loyal, with 50% visiting every week and 28% visiting on a daily basis.

The main event of the year has been the completion of its eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal‘ with John Richardson. Over 15k copies have been downloaded, and its key arguments have begun to feature in mainstream media such as the Financial Times and CNBC. The blog’s thanks go to ICIS and the ICB team for their help in making the project so successful.

Most encouragingly, the blog has begun to work with the Boards of major companies on adapting their strategies to the New Normal world that awaits us. These workshops have demonstrated that there are plenty of opportunities to sustain growth, even though GDP growth is likely to be slow or even negative for the next few years. The critical step is a change in mindset.

The blog has also been delighted to speak at a number of industry events around the world. And it is already looking forward to seeing meeting new colleagues and old friends via a growing list of engagements in 2013. Plus, of course, it has maintained an active schedule of webinars for the American Chemical Society, Citi, Morgan Stanley and other leading organisations.

The blog would like to thank all its readers for their continued support, and wishes them a very Happy New Year.