High frequency trading causes another mini-crash
30th April 2013 by

Do any blog readers routinely trade on the basis of Twitter comments? Or more specifically, do any t...

US economy transitions to the New Normal
29th April 2013 by

The above chart from the Wall Street Journal highlights the major change that has already taken plac...

Affordability now the key to future success
27th April 2013 by

The ‘middle ground’ was the place to be to capture maximum profits during the Boomer-led...

China’s electricity consumption growth just 2% in March
25th April 2013 by

As new premier Li Keqiang noted some years ago, China’s GDP statistics are “man-made and...

India’s auto sales enter the New Normal
24th April 2013 by

India is the 3rd largest Asian auto market after China and Japan, and a year ago its automobile asso...

Low-cost Dacia boosts sales 15%, as EU market declines 10%
23rd April 2013 by

One volume car manufacturer in Europe achieved a 15% volume increase in Q1 with one of its major bra...

Japan’s liquidity programme sends oil, gold prices tumbling
22nd April 2013 by

Brent crude oil prices have now dropped $20/bbl since their February peak at $119/bbl. The major dro...

Middle East risks ‘water wars’ as river basins dry up
20th April 2013 by

The Euphrates is the longest river in Western Asia at 3000km (1850 miles), and with the river Tigris...

Economic possibilities in demographics
19th April 2013 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times FT Data blog is published today. Apri...

Licence plate trading drives Q1 jump in China’s auto sales
18th April 2013 by

Something very strange happened in China’s auto market during Q1. As the chart shows, sales (r...

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