Chloralkali operating rates confirm European slowdown
17th April 2013 by

Operating rates in European chloralkali markets are confirming the general slowdown in demand across...

“Surplus oil is filling inventories worldwide” – Reuters
16th April 2013 by

Have you ever wondered, as you pay your energy bill or fill the fuel tank in your vehicle, just why ...

Crude oil’s slide puts markets under pressure
15th April 2013 by

Crude oil markets long ago lost their role of price discovery. Since early 2009, they have instead b...

Volcker speaks out on central bank policies
13th April 2013 by

Central bankers clearly read too many super-hero comics when they were young. Ben Bernanke at the US...

China’s need to clean up pollution will slow economic growth
11th April 2013 by

Pollution is, unfortunately, one of the downsides of industrial development. Luckily for us in the W...

Japan waves another ‘magic wand’ to restart economic growth
10th April 2013 by

Stock market investors in Japan are feeling very pleased. The Nikkei share index has risen 40% since...

US auto sales growth slows as Hurricane Sandy impact ends
9th April 2013 by

250,500 US autos were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy last November, according to official data fro...

US employment ‘surprise’ confirms computers lack commonsense
8th April 2013 by

Last week saw more evidence that recent weakness in chemical markets mirrors developments in the glo...

Companies warn on Q2 earnings outlook
6th April 2013 by

Traders in Western financial markets are confident of 3 key facts about the economic outlook: • Th...

China’s PE import market declines
4th April 2013 by

China’s polyethylene demand has proved an excellent forward indicator of economic policy. So f...

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