India’s auto sales fall for record 6th month
30th May 2013 by

As the above chart shows, India’s auto sales have now fallen for the last 6 months versus the ...

European cracker operating rates drop below 80%
29th May 2013 by

Q1 was another miserable quarter for EU olefin producers. As the chart shows, based on APPE data, et...

China’s polyethylene market sees slow growth
28th May 2013 by

The usual flow of China’s polyethylene (PE) production data has been interrupted since the sta...

Japan’s 7% Nikkei index fall highlights risks ahead
27th May 2013 by

We are now nearly at the end of May, and still there is no sign of a sustained recovery in demand. T...

Q1 results show the outlook darkening
25th May 2013 by

A year ago, the blog’s quarterly review of company results revealed mixed views on the outlook...

The blog in Barron’s
23rd May 2013 by

Barrons, the leading US investment magazine, recently published a major cover story analysing the po...

Extra selling days support EU April auto sales
22nd May 2013 by

Good news about EU auto sales is always welcome, especially when it comes after 17 months of declini...

China’s ‘Ponzi loans’ now 69% of GDP
21st May 2013 by

China’s electricity consumption (green line) is the best real-time guide to economic developme...

Financial markets reach the ‘melt-up stage’
20th May 2013 by

A month ago, the blog highlighted the potentially major implications of the Bank of Japan’s (B...

“A word means just what I choose it to mean”
18th May 2013 by

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just...

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