The blog’s 6th birthday
29th June 2013 by

This week is the blog’s 6th birthday.  Remarkably, its audience remains extremely loyal, with...

Interest rate rises add new risks for global economy
27th June 2013 by

The past week has seen major increases in global interest rates.  This would be good news if it was...

US, EU auto sales hit demographic roadblock
26th June 2013 by

Central bank policymakers and financial analysts are seemingly convinced that the US economy is alre...

China interest rates hit 28% as property bubble targeted
25th June 2013 by

China’s new leadership are in a very difficult position.  They have inherited an economy that has...

“Its only when the tide goes out, that you learn who’s been swimming naked”
24th June 2013 by

Financial markets fell around the world last week, as the $10tn tide of central bank liquidity began...

Time to end the ‘tyranny of consensus’ on future growth
22nd June 2013 by

Human beings don’t like change, and they don’t like argument. They prefer to assume, whe...

New website
20th June 2013 by

The blog is approaching its 6th birthday.  And as you will have noticed, its layout has changed t...

Working women changed Western economy after 1970
20th June 2013 by

Household consumption is 60% of western GDP. So any economic forecast that simply assumes it will al...

US PVC exports stall, despite shale gas cost advantage
19th June 2013 by

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink. That seems to be the critical mes...

US consumer sentiment confirms Boom/Gloom Index weakness
18th June 2013 by

It is now 4 years since the blog launched its IeC Boom/Gloom Index, as a way of measuring the differ...

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