Slowing demand and over-capacity create a Cycle of Deflation
31st July 2013 by

“More buyers than sellers” was financier JP Morgan’s famous reply, when being aske...

Don’t look down
30th July 2013 by

Governments and central banks never spot recessions till it is too late.  Thus after the 2008 Crisi...

Consensus views on growth, commodity regulation, start to change
29th July 2013 by

In early March, the blog described itself as feeling like “a lonely voice, focused on what is ...

China PE demand grows as food safety worries increase
27th July 2013 by

China’s polyethylene (PE) demand has seen encouraging signs of growth in H1.  As the chart a...

US housing starts stumble as rental demand weakens
25th July 2013 by

US housing is core to the US economy.  And as the US economy is 22% of the global economy, developm...

A $1m US retirement fund will run out for 72% of retirees
24th July 2013 by

The BabyBoomer-led Supercycle of economic growth meant the US suffered just 17 months of recession ...

Sinopec adapts to the New Normal
23rd July 2013 by

The 2013 edition of the blog’s study on Sinopec* is now available, and highlights the changes...

US oil prices rise as housing starts slip and Detroit goes bankrupt
22nd July 2013 by

Just as the blog feared, H2 seems to have started badly in terms of demand, and seems likely to get ...

“Is the West more closely resembling Japan?”
20th July 2013 by

Gradually the world’s major investors are recognising that demographics are a key driver for the g...

Aluminium warehouse changes threaten caustic soda sales
18th July 2013 by

Strong aluminium markets have provided great support to caustic soda producers in recent years.  PV...

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