Global chemical operating rates slip to 86%
31st August 2013 by

Global chemical operating rates have shown little improvement over the summer months.  As the char...

Building the Factory of the Future
29th August 2013 by

Over the past 4 years, major European companies and research organisations have been working to def...

A flap of a butterfly’s wings to freeze the UK economy
28th August 2013 by

The world’s media are increasingly aware that economic growth is being impacted by major de...

Global interest rates surge as Newton’s 3rd Law continues to operate
27th August 2013 by

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion states, “To every action there is always an equal and opposit...

Financial markets worry as Fed talks of ending stimulus
26th August 2013 by

After 5 years of government stimulus, policymakers are having to think about their exit plans.  US...

China’s empty cities create global lending risk
24th August 2013 by

More details continue to surface of the wasteful spending that underpinned much of China’s GDP...

High oil prices take European operating rates to record lows
22nd August 2013 by

Life doesn’t get any easier for Europe’s olefin producers and the consumers who depend on them....

Lack of demand threatens US ethylene expansions
21st August 2013 by

The above chart paints a depressing picture for anyone thinking it should be easy to make money via...

US PVC exports see only modest growth despite shale gas advantage
20th August 2013 by

The casual observer might be forgiven for imagining that the US ethylene industry should be seeing i...

Demographics has “frightening implications” for the economy
19th August 2013 by

The blog first wrote about the potential impact on GDP growth of changing demographics in January 2...

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