Most major financial markets have doubled since 2009 lows
7th October 2013 by

The period since March 2009 has been a wonderful time for most investors in the major markets.  As ...

G7 births hit new record low in 2012
5th October 2013 by

The G7 group of countries are almost half (47%) of global GDP*.  They also have the highest income...

Maersk’s $3.7bn new ships investment underwater as global ‘demographic dividend’ ends
3rd October 2013 by

The red line in the above chart from the Financial Times shows how far Eurozone growth has diverged ...

Income and age will determine American’s future housing needs
2nd October 2013 by

Affordability is the key factor in today’s markets.  And nowhere is this more true than in US...

Scenario planning critical in forecasting 2014 China product growth
1st October 2013 by

Anyone not closely studying trade data is likely to make some very expensive mistakes over the next ...

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