Can oil prices stay at $100/bbl forever?
17th December 2013 by

Sometimes the blog’s mind goes back to its happy days in Houston, Texas, when it set up and ra...

Four things we think we know, but probably don’t
16th December 2013 by

Knowing that we don’t know something makes us uncertain and cautious.  If, for example, we co...

US New Old 55+ generation makes major move back into the workforce
14th December 2013 by

We had another excellent audience for Thursday’s ACS Chemistry and the Economy webinar.  We w...

US shale revolution puts squeeze on European chemicals groups
12th December 2013 by

The Financial Times has carried an excellent analysis this week of the key shale gas issues facing ...

Japan’s ageing population challenges hopes of economic growth
11th December 2013 by

The blog’s new series on the likely demographic impact on the world’s Top 5 economies toda...

ACS webinar on Thursday
10th December 2013 by

Will 2014 finally be the year of economic recovery? There are signs of a stronger economy in the US ...

“No pain, no gain” the outlook for China in 2014
10th December 2013 by

Its been a great year for polyethylene (PE) demand growth in China.  But whether this relates to re...

Boom/Gloom Index hits record high as western financial markets soar
9th December 2013 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  At least that is how it feels today, with th...

Nelson Mandela dies aged 95
6th December 2013 by

The blog would like to pay its respects to Nelson Mandela, who died overnight. Everyone will have th...

European oil travels the world as market complacency increases
5th December 2013 by

The blog has a suggestion for a quiz question for anyone planning party games over the Christmas ...

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