US housing starts show few signs of major recovery
31st January 2014 by

Optimism over the outlook for the US housing market has formed a key part of the global economic Rec...

Aluminium shortage “temporary and artificial” says world’s largest buyer
30th January 2014 by

When was the last time you told your customers that they would have to wait 570 days for delivery of...

Global auto industry sales growth depends on China
29th January 2014 by

Autos remain the world’s largest manufacturing industry, and the single biggest source of dema...

A day in the life of an “activist” fund
28th January 2014 by

A prominent “activist” fund in New York has told Dow Chemical to spin off its performa...

China’s new policies send earthquake tremors through markets
27th January 2014 by

The blog used the metaphor of a hurricane in 2007-8 to describe the likely impact of the looming...

The Deng, Jiang model for China’s economic growth under Xi
24th January 2014 by

Major change is already underway in China, with potentially enormous implications for all of us. Cor...

From Jiang to Hu and the lost decade
23rd January 2014 by

President Jiang Zemin inherited a difficult economic and political situation when taking power in ...

Deng’s economic policy in China’s post-Mao period
22nd January 2014 by

China’s economic policy has gone through 2 complete cycles since Chairman Mao’s death is...

You can’t print babies to create new demand
21st January 2014 by

What would you have done 5 years ago, in 2009, if you had been given $16tn to restore global econ...

US markets see Happy Days again
20th January 2014 by

New Year optimism over the economic outlook is breaking out all over the USA.   Weak employment n...

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