EU auto sales slide for 4th year in a row
17th January 2014 by

Final data for EU auto sales has now been published, and is summarised in the chart above: Sales fel...

US new car sales at highest level since 2007
16th January 2014 by

The good news about US auto sales is in the chart above.  It shows: 2013 volumes at 15.6 million we...

China auto sales jump to meet pollution quota deadline
15th January 2014 by

China’s auto sales moved past Europe’s in 2010, and are now close to US levels.  But ev...

Brazil, Russia, India car sales fall for first time in 10 years
14th January 2014 by

Since 2009, the 4 BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have been the focus of every car ma...

The trend is your friend until it isn’t – part 2
13th January 2014 by

“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese proverb which has an alternative meanin...

Deflation gets closer in Europe, USA and China
10th January 2014 by

Demographics drives demand.  If it doesn’t, then its hard to think what does.  So forecastin...

US house price recovery “living on borrowed time”
9th January 2014 by

Housing used to be the key driver for US chemical demand in the SuperCycle, and went into overdrive...

Aluminium stocks enough to build nearly 2 years’ supply of cars
8th January 2014 by

We all know that strange things have been happening in global commodity markets in the past 5 years....

“The policy Kings/Queens have no clothes”
7th January 2014 by

There seems almost no need to publish a forecast for 2014.  Policymakers have toured the TV studios...

Global economy approaches a T-junction
6th January 2014 by

Intuition’s great benefit is that it provides a different perspective.  Thus the intuitive ...

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