2013 a bad year for force majeures
28th February 2014 by

2013 wasn’t a good year for plant reliability.  The blog’s 6-monthly survey of force majeure re...

Beijing smog makes it “almost uninhabitable for human beings”
27th February 2014 by

Chapter 6 of Boom, Gloom and the New Normal in October 2011 was one of the first detailed analyses ...

US housing recovery stalls as Boomers head for retirement
26th February 2014 by

“Recent economic reports suggest a bleaker picture for housing…. Some of the weakness r...

US PVC exports fail to grow in 2013, despite shale gas boost
25th February 2014 by

Trade data for net US PVC exports seems to be trying to tell us something very important about the c...

“Reservations are no longer necessary at many high-end restaurants”
24th February 2014 by

Think back a moment to September 16 2008.  Newly released transcripts analysed by the Wall Street ...

China’s rural areas need basic goods, environmental clean-up
21st February 2014 by

Average incomes in China are very low by Western standards, and certainly not “middle-class...

China’s urban consumers depend on property ‘wealth effect’
20th February 2014 by

One of the great myths of modern times is that China is now full of middle class people with Western...

BBC reports ‘How China Fooled the World’
19th February 2014 by

Last night, the BBC ran a 1 hour documentary by its senior editor Robert Peston, who won countless ...

China’s lending bubble could now lead to zero GDP growth
18th February 2014 by

China has been primarily responsible for driving global growth since the Crisis began in 2008.  Aut...

“The dog ate my homework”: excuses for economic slowdown
17th February 2014 by

There were never any excuses from policymakers during the BabyBoomer-led SuperCycle from 1983 –...

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