Adapting to the ageing baby boomers
14th February 2014 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times FT Data blog is below. February 13, 2014 2:22 pm by...

Who will finance the debt rollovers and new US ethylene crackers?
13th February 2014 by

A blog reader has kindly forwarded an interesting paper from AT Kearney, which looks at the amount o...

JP Morgan says ‘Buy China’, as coal stocks show economy slowing
12th February 2014 by

China seems to be trying to tell the outside world something quite important about the impact of its...

US incomes decline as job participation rate drops
11th February 2014 by

There are two ways to approach last Friday’s monthly release of the US jobs figures: One is th...

“Bad news barrage sinks New Year consensus”
10th February 2014 by

Markets stopped operating in their true role of providing price discovery sometime ago.  Instead, t...

Protectionism edges closer as US holds back on Fast Track Authority
7th February 2014 by

The mainstream media rather ignored a key event last week, namely that the Democrat leader of the US...

Lanxess CEO departs as auto markets enter the New Normal
6th February 2014 by

The blog, like most people, doesn’t like change.  Change creates uncertainty, and makes us a...

Seven global implications of China’s new policies
5th February 2014 by

Everyone remembers the old joke, “Why did the elephant wear dark glasses?”, and the answ...

European ethylene production at 1996 low
4th February 2014 by

Nobody was expecting very much from Q4 ethylene production in Europe, as several plants had been tak...

And now the stumble?
3rd February 2014 by

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced the second move in its so-called tapering process, and r...

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