Leaders need to “see around corners” in today’s VUCA world
31st March 2014 by

The number “42” was the answer to “the ultimate question of life” in the cla...

Japan’s debt now $80k for every man, woman and child
28th March 2014 by

Question:  Why will Starbucks reduce the menu price for its venti green-tea frappucino in Japan n...

China’s struggle for a new economy
27th March 2014 by

“To most outsiders the language of official declarations is mind-numbing. Yet, having listened...

US ethylene boom is a dangerous game
26th March 2014 by

The blog continues to lose sleep at night worrying about the likely impact of the planned 10MT expan...

Demographics drive demand and fertility rates have fallen
25th March 2014 by

A major debate is underway in Eurozone financial markets about the imminent approach of deflation. ...

China’s electricity consumption shows growth at 4.5% and slowing
24th March 2014 by

There’s a lot of wishful thinking underway about China’s future growth.  All the expert...

Cotton prices slip as US supply rises and China’s imports fall
21st March 2014 by

It seems that cotton prices are about to return to normal levels again.  The blog’s detailed...

Ethylene prices have 96% correlation to oil prices
20th March 2014 by

Companies are about to review their Q1 performance, and re-forecast profit and revenue for the rest ...

China’s lending problems begin to worry wider world – too late
19th March 2014 by

Suddenly, people are starting to talk about China and the risks it creates for the global economy....

Oil markets pressured by copper price falls
18th March 2014 by

Whisper it quietly to your friends in the oil business.  But oil prices are looking very vulnerable...

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