Surprise! Economists suddenly wake up to reality about China
17th March 2014 by

“Forget the Crimea annexation or a U.S.-Russia standoff. The biggest international threat to U...

Crimea referendum highlights growing geo-political risks
14th March 2014 by

Markets have been remarkably calm ahead of Crimea’s planned Sunday referendum to leave Ukraine...

India’s car buyers remain cautious despite pre-election tax cut
13th March 2014 by

Its pre-election time in India, as the world’s largest democracy prepares to go to the polls n...

5 years of stimulus have only delayed move to the New Normal
12th March 2014 by

Coincidentally the blog began its 6-monthly review of global financial market performance on 7 March...

China focuses on domestic PE production, ME/SEA imports
11th March 2014 by

China’s growth has been the main support for the global economy since the Crisis began in Q4 2...

Central banks have “attempted to manipulate asset prices and financial makets”
10th March 2014 by

“The proper role for monetary policy is to work behind the scenes to promote long-term growth ...

US automakers increase incentives as sales fail to boom
7th March 2014 by

This month is likely to be a very good time to buy a new car in the US.  The reason is that auto ma...

Local buyers priced out of London housing market
6th March 2014 by

Most people, if they are lucky, never get to see a property bubble during their lives.  But those o...

UK tinkers with higher pension ages, ignores impact on GDP
5th March 2014 by

Many readers have asked to see how the UK economy is being impacted by its ageing population, follow...

Q4 results show companies still waiting for something to turn up
4th March 2014 by

We all live in hope.  That seems to be the underlying message from the blog’s quarterly surve...

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