US oil inventories hit record high as supply increases
30th April 2014 by

Imagine that 5 years ago, you had been asked by your Board to forecast future oil prices.  And supp...

Global auto industry enters “peak car” era
29th April 2014 by

Q1 saw record global auto sales volumes, as the chart above shows: US and EU manufacturers cut pri...

China’s polyester market flashes red warning signals
28th April 2014 by

China’s polyester market seems to be trying to tell us something quite important about the rea...

Ageing populations create repayment risk for government bonds
25th April 2014 by

Government bonds in the larger, wealthy countries of the West have traditionally been regarded as be...

EU auto sales boosted by 25% discounts and financing deals
24th April 2014 by

When is a car sale not a car sale?  That’s the question that has been bothering the blog in t...

Caustic soda inventories rise as aluminium cutbacks begin
23rd April 2014 by

An accident waiting to happen is perhaps the best way to describe aluminium markets – the ke...

Half of all Asians still living below $2/day poverty line
22nd April 2014 by

The good news is that the world’s development agencies are waking up to the idea that income l...

High-frequency traders pay $millions to be legal highwaymen
21st April 2014 by

In olden days, highwaymen would hang around stagecoach inns, waiting to see when wealthy people were...

Free China outlook webinar on Wednesday
20th April 2014 by

The blog’s recent Research Note on the likely impact of China’s economic reforms has at...

“It’s worse than 2007, because then it was a problem of the developed economies”
17th April 2014 by

William White was the only central banker to publicly warn of the risks to the world economy long be...

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