Next ACS webinar on Thursday 5 June
30th May 2014 by

“Not with a bang but with a whimper”. The blog’s 6-monthly webinar for the American Chemic...

Markets remain “volatile and challenging” says BASF chairman
29th May 2014 by

Nothing has really changed over the past year.  That seems to be the key conclusion from the blog&#...

Another ‘Minsky Moment’ beckons for US stock markets
28th May 2014 by

The West has been living with cheap money from the central banks for over 5 years.  Credit has bee...

Political earthquake hits Europe in EU elections
27th May 2014 by

A political earthquake hit Europe in the European Union elections on Sunday night: For the first tim...

China’s PTA, PVC exports jump as it moves to preserve jobs
26th May 2014 by

To assume, as they say is “to make an ass out of u and me”.  That was certainly the cas...

US caustic soda exports weaken on China slowdown
23rd May 2014 by

What a difference 2 years can make.  That’s the obvious conclusion from comparing US exports...

China auto sales depend on lending and property bubble
22nd May 2014 by

The above chart is the blog’s simple guide to forecasting China’s auto sales.  We know ...

Euro elections likely to see strong vote for anti-EU parties
21st May 2014 by

Its now nearly 2 years since the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) said he “was ready ...

London house price bubble hits the record books
20th May 2014 by

The UK no longer leads the world in soccer, as next month’s World Cup will confirm.  But it c...

“Investors retreat as deflation fears rise”
19th May 2014 by

The blog’s important eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal: How Ageing Western BabyBo...

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